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How Often to Change Your Spark Plugs

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As part of your regular vehicle maintenance, you may be wondering how often to change your spark plugs. Specific recommendations can vary between vehicles, but generally speaking, experts recommend 30,000-mile intervals. For recommendations for your make and model, we suggest checking your owner’s manual. Want to know more about when to replace your spark plugs? Mercedes-Benz of North Olmsted service center gets into more details below!

When Do I Change Spark Plugs in My Vehicle?

A component of your ignition system, spark plugs distribute the high voltage current from the ignition coil to ignite the combustion chamber. This all happens as soon as you start your vehicle. Spark plugs that aren’t functioning properly will lead to a variety of performance issues, such as:

  • Not starting
  • Slow to start
  • Engine misfire
  • Rough-running engine
  • Rough idling
  • Weak acceleration
  • Increased fuel consumption

Why Change Your Spark Plugs?

While you don’t want to experience any of the issues above when out and about in Westlake, there are other benefits to include changing your spark plugs into your vehicle’s maintenance routine. These can include:

  • Better fuel economy – Old spark plugs can decrease fuel economy by 30%. All it takes is a fresh spark plug to gain that back.
  • Combustion system consistency – Spark plugs keep your vehicle running as it should by allowing for the continuous production of combustion.
  • Smooth Starting – Vehicles can start effortlessly with new spark plugs.
  • Decrease in harmful emissions – Replacing your spark plugs can also cut down on your vehicle’s emissions.

Get New Spark Plugs at Mercedes-Benz of North Olmsted

At Mercedes-Benz of North Olmsted, our service team can help change your spark plugs, or our parts center can provide new spark plugs if you prefer a DIY approach to car maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about recommendations for your Mercedes-Benz, and to schedule your next service!

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